Leiden Number Theory seminar

Our local number theory seminar meets at 16.00 in room 402.
Afterwards we go for a beer!


Hans Roskam - Singular values of modular functions

Chris Zaal - Complete subvarieties of moduli spaces

Remke Kloosterman - Elliptic curves with large p-Selmer groups

Martine Girard - Weierstrass points and the moduli space M3

Christiaan van de Woestijne - Generalising the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalisation algorithm

Richard Groenewegen - Torelli's theorem for number fields

Mascha Honsbeek - Galois groups of radical extensions

Dinard van der Laan - Using billiard sequences as routing sequences with minimal unbalance


N. Saradha - Almost perfect powers in arithmetic progression

Guido Helmers - TBA

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