Nikolai Popov


Mathematical institute
Leiden University 
Niels Bohrweg 1 
2334 CA Leiden 
The Netherlands 
071  527 70 93 (work)
061  724 67 28 (mobile)


Date/place of birth 

January 06 1973 / Rovno, USSR 


1990-1996  Diploma of the department of Mathematics and Mechanics,
Moscow State University
1997-2001  Ph. D.   at the Mathematical Institute, Leiden University,
The Netherlands

Work  experience 

1996 - 1997  Istitute of Mathematical problems of Biology, Puschino State
University, Russia. Scientific researcher
1997 - 2001  Mathematical Institute, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
Scientific researcher


  1. A continuous scattering on an finite number of Euler trajectories in Random
    Walks and Queues. Report, Math. Institute, Leiden. (expected)
  2. Large deviation principle for a face-homogeneous random walk in quater
    plane. Report, Math. Institute, Leiden. (expected) 

Field of research

Fluid models, Large deviations, Markov chains, martingale, math. statistics, optimal control, Poison boundary, queueing theory, stochastic networks .

Computer skills

Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, UNIX, Javascript, LaTeX, HTML