Geometry Seminar

Voorjaarssemester 2000

Mondays, 16.00--17.30, room WI 401, begin: 7 February.

   In the first part of the seminar we read parts of Milnor / Stasheff: Characteristic Classes.

Date Title Chapter Speaker
07.02 Stiefel-Whitney classes 4 M. O. de Kok
14.02 Grassman manifolds and universal bundles 5 L. van Beek
21.02 A cell structure for Grassman manifolds and their cohomolgy ring 6,7 G. Dirksen
28.02 Existence of Stiefel-Whitney classes; the Euler class 8, 9 K. van Winden
06.03 Computations in a smooth manifoldA  11 O. van Koert
13.03 * no seminar *
   20.03     Computations in a smooth manifold (continued) / Obstructions I      11/12         O. van Koert / F. Pasquotto

     27.03       Obstructions II                                                                                        12             F. Pasquotto

   The following talks will be loosely related to material discussed in the reading seminar on Milnor / Stasheff.

   03.04     On the existence of almost complex structures                                                     H. Geiges

   10.04      Complex and almost complex manifolds: A voice from the past                          A. van de Ven

   01.05      Smooth structures on 4-manifolds                                                                         F. Ding

 H. Geiges, March 9, 2000.