Geometry Seminar

Najaarssemester 1999

Seminar for students and staff, Mondays, 16.00-17.00, room WI 401

Date Title Speaker from
13.09. The fundamental groups of 3-manifolds C.B. Thomas University of Cambridge
20.09. On the geography of 6-dim. symplectic manifolds W. v. Briemen Universiteit Leiden
27.09. Positive Ricci curvature and the fundamental group P. Bolliger ETH Zürich
04.10. No seminar
18.10. The Nahm transformation P. van Baal Universiteit Leiden
25.10. The Nahm transformation, part II P. van Baal Universiteit Leiden
01.11. Vector bundle problems associated with quivers A. Schmitt Universität GHS Essen
22.11. An introduction to pseudo-holomorphic curves C. Hummel Universiteit Leiden
06.12. Stability and canonical metrics for vector bundle problems M. Lübke Universiteit Leiden



,November 22, 1999.