LNMB Conferences and Workshops

During the period 1989 - 1998 the LNMB has organized every year one workshop. Since 1999 the LNMB only supports workshops. These workshops are usually organized as part of an NWO-project.
Also since 1989, the LNMB is co-organizer of the Lunteren Conferences on the Mathematics of OR. In January 2000 the 25th Lunteren Conference was organized. From 2001, the responsibility of this conference is taken by the LNMB only. This conference functions as a platform where Dutch OR-scientists meet each other and where international specialists present lectures and discuss promising research areas. Furthermore, PhD students of the LNMB can give during this conference a presentation of their research results. Since the foundation of the LNMB, the following workshops and conferences have been held.

1. Maastricht (December 18 - 21, 1989).

Four foreign spreakers have given a mini-course:
J.A. Filar (University of Maryland) : Game Theory
R.H. Möhring (Technical University of Berlin) : Combinatorial Optimization
F.P. Kelly (University of Cambridge) : Queuing Theory
R.T. Rockafellar (University of Washington) : Optimization

2. Groningen (May 30 - June 1, 1990).

A. Hordijk and L.C.M. Kallenberg (Leiden University) have presented a mini-course on Markov Decision Chains. Furthermore, the program included 7 lectures on applications of OR. The participants have worked on a case study.

3. Amsterdam (December 17 - 20, 1990).

During this workshop the following mini-courses were given:
M. Maschler (Hebrew University) : Game Theory
P.J. Schweitzer (University of Rochester) : Stochastic OR
L.A. Wolsey (CORE) : Combinatorial Optimazation
R.J.-B. Wets (University of California) : Stochastic Programming

4. Eindhoven (June 17 - 19, 1991).

This workshop had as theme "local search". Beside 6 Dutch speakers lectures were given by D. Johnson and M. Yannakakis (AT&T Bell Labs). The participants were challenged to solve a special instant of a clique partitioning problem, using the discussed methods.

5. Lunteren (January 14 - 17, 1992).

From 1992 on the LNMB winter workshop is part of the Lunteren Conference on the Mathematics of OR. Mini-courses were presented by:
M. Grötschel (Konrad-Zuse Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin):
The polyhedral approach to combinatorial optimization.
S.M. Robinson (University of Wisconsin):
The normal map approach to variational problems.
S. Stidham Jr (University of North Carolina):
Analysis of probabilistic systems: power of sample path.
Other lectures were given by M. Dyer (University of Leeds), M. Fisher (University of Pennsylvania), R. Gibbens (University of Cambridge, UK), S.M. Robinson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and J.M. Rousseau (University of Montreal). Futhermore, 15 PhD students presented a lecture on their own work.

6. Tilburg (May 25 - 27, 1992).

This workshop consisted of a number of lectures on the following three themes:
- Combinatorial Optimization and Game Theory, presented by I.J. Curiel (University of Maryland, Baltimore) and G. Owen (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey).
- Simplicial Algorithms by G. van der Laan (Free University) and A.J.J. Talman (Tilburg University)
- Location Theory by H. Peters and J. Storcken.
Also, with supervision of E.C.C. van Damme, a game theoretic experiment was executed.

7. Lunteren (December 8 - 11, 1992).

In this conference three mini-courses were given:
M.X. Goemans (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA):
Linear programming relaxations for combinatorial optimization problems.
R.L. Keeney (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA):
Value-focused thinking to structure decision analysis.
R.R. Weber (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK):
Probability models in Operations Management.
The other speakers were: I. Evstigneev (Academy of Sciences, Moscou), C. Lemaréchal (INRIA, Le Chesnay), T.L. Liebling (Institute of Technology, Lausanne) and J.M. Steele (University of Pennsylvania). 15 PhD students presented a lecture on their own work.

8. Delft (May 17 - 19, 1993)

The theme of this workshop was: Linear and nonlinear programming. The lectures were given by three foreign specialists, namely A. Ben-Tal (Technion, Haifa), M. Grauer (University of Siegen) and Y. Nesterov (Academy of Sciences, Moscou), and four Dutch speakers: F.A. Lootsma, C. Roos, T. Terlaky (all from the Delft University of Technology) and Kallenberg (LNMB and Leiden University).

9. Lunteren (January 11 - 14, 1994).

During this 19th Conference on the Mathematics of OR, the LNMB workshop consisted of three mini-courses:
R.E. Bixby (Rice University and CPLEX Optimization Inc.):
Linear programming: the computational state of the art.
E.G. Coffman Jr. (AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill):
Stochastic matching theory: its guises and tools, with applications.
P.W. Diaconis (Harvard University):
Geometry and Markov chains, aimed at applications.
Futhermore, lectures were presented by R. Fourer (Northwestern University, Evanston), A. Frank (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), K. Jörnsten (Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen), G. Latouche (University of Brussels) and B. Peleg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Also, 16 PhD students presented their own results. Furthermore, there was a mini-symposium on "New developments in the operational planning of organizations: modeling and optimization".

10. Twente (May 24 - 26, 1994)

In this workshop three themes were central: On-line algorithms, computational methods for stochastic models, and job-shop scheduling and manufacturing systems. The foreign speakers were J. Abate (AT&T Bell Labs, Warren), G.L. Choudhury (AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel), M.F. Neuts (University of Arizona, Tuczon) and G. Turàn (University of Illinois, Chicago). As Dutch speakers acted J.P.C. Blanc (KUB), W. Kern, J.H.A. de Smit, S.L. van de Velde and W.H.M. Zijm (all from the University of Twente).

11. Lunteren (January 11 - 14, 1995).

The following mini-courses were given:
A. Federgruen (Columbia University): Topics in inventory theory.
M.J. Sobel (State University of New York): Structured optimal policies in stochastic models.
S.W. Wallace (University of Trondheim): An introduction to stochasic programming.
Other lectures were given by S. Asmussen (Aalborg University), W.J. Cook (University of Bonn) and G. Cornuejols (Carnegie Mellon University).
Also, there was a mini-symposium with title "Management for distribution and vehicle-routing", consisting of lectures by A. Federgruen (Columbia University), J. Paxaio (University of Lisbon), R. Dekker (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and R.Th. van der Ham (Europe Combined Terminal, Rotterdam). Finally, there were 5 presentations by PhD students.

12. Rotterdam (October 18 - 20, 1995)

This workshop was organized in co-operation with the Tinbergen Institute Rotterdam. The themes of this workshop were:
- Asset-liability management (ALM), including scenario analysis and stochastic optimization;
- Distribution optimization, including routing, location and inventory control.
The speakers were: G. Boender (Erasmus University Rotterdam), B. Fleischmann (Augsburg University), P. Stähly (Universitity of St. Gallen), U. Tüshaus (Universitity of St. Gallen), A.G. de Kok (Eindhoven University of Technology), S. Axsäter (University of Lund), and R. Dekker (Erasmus University Rotterdam), M. Salomon (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and A.C.F. Vorst (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

13. Lunteren (January 9 - 11, 1996).

As usual, there were three mini-courses:
E. Aarts (Eindhoven University of Technology): Neural networks and combinatorial optimization: does it need brains to optimize?
R. Kannan (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh): Learning theory and Operations Research.
A. Shwartz (Technion, Haifa): Large deviations for performance analysis.
Beside the mini-course lectures were presented by G. Shanthikumar (University of California, Berkeley), D. Wagner (Universität Konstanz) and Y. Ye (University of Iowa).
There was a mini-symposium on "New software developments for real-world decision problems", with as speakers: T. Cornelissens (Beyers Innovative Software, Braschaat) and J. Bisschop (Paragon Decision Technology, Haarlem). 14 PhD students presented their own research results.

14. Amsterdam (June 19 - 21, 1996)

The subjects of this workshops were: On-line algorithms, Fast simulation of rare events and Infinitesimal perturbation analysis. The lectures were presented by A. Fiat (Tel Aviv University), M.C. Fu (University of Maryland), S. Leonardi (University of Roma), R. Nobel (Free University Amsterdam), A. Ridder (Free University Amsterdam) and G.J. Wöginger (Graz University of Technology).

15. Lunteren (January 14 - 16, 1997).

The program of this conference contained only two mini-courses:
A. Nemirowski (Technion, Haifa, Israel): Polynomial time algorithms in convex programming.
C.H. Papadimitriou (University of California, Berkeley, USA): On-line algorithms.
The other invited speakers were M.A.H. Dempster (University of Cambridge, UK), A.V. Goldberg (NEC, Princeton, USA), V. Schmidt (University of Ulm, Germany), S. Sorin (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris) and G. Weiss (University of Haifa, Israel). The mini-symposium had as theme "New trends in Operations Research for Finance", with speakers: M.A.H. Dempster (University of Cambridge, UK), M. Salomon (Rabo, Zeist) and C. Dert (ABN-AMRO, Amsterdam). 15 PhD students presented a lecture on their own work.

16. Leiden (June 17 - 20, 1997)

This workshop, organized in co-operation with the Thomas Stieltjes Institute, was held in the Lorentz Centre in Leiden. The themes of the workshop were:
- Multimodularity and sequential optimization with speakers: E. Altman (INRIA, France), B. Gaujal (INRIA, France) and A. Hordijk (Leiden University).
- Markovian control problems with lectures by L.C.M. Kallenberg (LNMB and Leiden University), G.M. Koole (Free University Amsterdam), M.L. Puterman (University of British Columbia, Vanvouver, Canada), L.C. Thomas (University of Edinburgh, UK) and O.J. Vrieze (Maastricht University).
- Combinatorial games, presented by V. Feltkamp (University of Alicante, Spain) and H. Hamers (Tilburg University).
During this workshop, on Friday June 20 afternoon, the LNMB has celebrated their 10th anniversary by a jubilee lecture, presented by J.K. Lenstra (Eindhoven University of Technology), the presentation of the Gijs de Leve Prize, received by S.C. Borst, and the presentation of the first copy of the jubilee book to J.K. Lenstra as co-founder and first chairman of the LNMB.

17. Lunteren (January 13 - 15, 1998).

As usual, there were three mini-courses:
D. Bertsimas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA): Optimization of stochastic systems.
B. Hajek (Coordinated Science Laboratory, Urbana, USA): Dynamic load balancing equilibria.
D. Williamson (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA): Approximation algorithms.
The other lectures were presented by B. Gavish (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA), M. Laurent (LIENS, Paris, and CWI, Amsterdam) and R. Möhring (Technical University Berlin, Germany). There was a mini-symposium on Telecommunication and Operations Research with as speakers: B. Gavish (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA), J.L. van der Berg (KPN Research, Leidschendam) and C.P.M. van Hoesel (Maastricht University). 12 PhD students presented their own research results.

18. Amsterdam (June 3 - 5, 1998)

This ninth summer workshop of the LNMB was held at the CWI, Amsterdam. Five speakers were invited to present talks on "Networks and Operations Research": D. Bienstock (Columbia University, New York, USA), E.A. van Doorn (University of Twente, The Netherlands), A. Frank (Eötvös Lorand Univer sity, Budapest, Hungary), M. Mandjes (KPN Research, Leidschendam, The Netherlands) and J.W. Roberts (France Telecom-CNET, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France).
Furthermore, there were two open problem sessions in which the participants were challenged to work on open problems in "Combinatorics of networks" (under the guidance of A. Schrijver) and in "Queueing networks" (under the guidance of O.J. Boxma).

19. Lunteren (January 12 - 15, 1999).

The following minicourses were organized:
A. Mandelbaum (Technion, Haifa, Israel): Service engineering: modeling, analysis and inference of stochastic service networks.
Y.E. Nesterov (Mathematical Institute, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia): Theory and applications of convex optimization.
H.E. Scarf (Yale University, New Haven, USA): Test sets for integer programs.
Other lectures were presented by L.A. Hall (The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA), P.R. Jelenkovic (Columbia University, New York, USA) and A. Marchetti-Spaccamela (University of Rome, Italy).
In cooperation with the NGB, a seminar on Enterprise Resource Planning and Operations Research was held with as speakers: M. van Assen (Urenco & Twente University), R. Bemelmans (PricewaterhouseCooper), J. van Heiningen (OM Partners), A.G. de Kok (Eindhoven University of Technology), M. Sol (Baan Company), H.D. Ratcliff (Georgia Tech & Baan Company) and J. van der Veen (Nijerode University).
Twelve PhD students presented their research results.

20. Lunteren (January 11 - 14, 2000).

There were three minicourses, each course consisted of three lectures:
D. Karger (MIT, Cambridge, USA): Randomized algorithms for cut and flow problems.
S. M. Ross (University of California, Berkely, USA): Some non-stochastic applications of
S. Sen (University of Arizona, Tucson, USA): Stochastic programming: applications, properties,
and computational challenges.
The other invited lectures were given by:
R.J. Vanderbei (Princeton University, Princeton, USA): (1) Interior-point methods for nonlinear
programming; (2) Interior point methods for second-order cone programming and semi-definite
R.R. Weber (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK): Pricing communications services I & II.
Laurence Wolsey (CORE, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium): (1) Cutting planes for integer and mixed
integer programming; (2) Modelling practical lot-sizing problems as mixed integer programs.
Fifteen PhD presentations were given.
In cooperation with the NGB, a seminar on Quantitative Financial Risk Management was organized, with as speakers: Boender (ORTEC & Erasmus University & Free University), Frijns (ABP & Free University), Kocken (Rabobank), Ronner (Philips Electronics & Free University), Sijbrand (ABN AMRO) and Vorst (ErasmusUniversity).
On the occasion of the 25th conference, there was a special session with five-minutes presentations of Dutch OR-researchers. Furthermore, the second Gijs de Leve Prize was presented by de Leve to J. Sturm for the best OR-thesis during the years 1997 - 1999.


In 2000 the LNMB has supported the 5th International Conference on High Performance Optimization Techniques (HTOPT 2000), held June 7 - 9 in Rotterdam.

The LNMB will organize the 26th Lunteren Conference on the Mathematics of Operations Research from 16th to 18th January 2001.

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