Organized by LNMB
(Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde)

January 16-18, 2001

Conference Center "De Blije Werelt", Lunteren, The Netherlands

The annual meeting of Dutch senior and junior researchers
in the Mathematics of Operations Research.
The program offers high-quality research and applications
and should appeal to both academic researchers
and to management consultants in trade and industry.

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Ten invited lectures
Aharon Ben-Tal Robust Optimization - Methodology and Applications
Aharon Ben-Tal The Ordered Set Mirror Descent Algorithm and Its Use in Medical Imaging
Michele Conforti The Parity of Chordless Cycles in Graphs
Michele Conforti Bicoloring of Matrices and Integer Polyhedra
Michel Goemans Semidefinite programming and approximation algorithms
Michel Goemans Approximating ternary optimization problems via complex semidefinite programming
Richard Serfozo Equilibrium Behavior of Stochastic Networks
Richard Serfozo Travel Times and Flows in Stochastic Networks
Perwez Shahabuddin  Rare event simulation techniques for models of computer and communication systems
Perwez Shahabuddin Simulating rare events in a canonical random walk with heavy tailed increments with applications to queueing and insurance 
Special session in memory of J.W. Cohen (Tuesday 17.15 - 18.00)
Onno Boxma The life and works of J.W. Cohen
Arie Hordijk In memoriam Wim Cohen
Presentations by PhD students
Thirteen PhD students of the LNMB will present a paper at the meeting.
For each contributed paper by a PhD student a senior member of the society will act as discussant.
Seminar E-commerce and Operations Research 
On the last day of the conference, Thursday January 18, there is a one-day special seminar on E-commerce and Operations Research, organized in cooperation with the "Nederlands Genootschap voor Besliskunde" (NGB), for which special invitations will be sent out to management consultants in trade and industry.
Jo van Nunen (Erasmus Universiteit) OR defining the future
Adriaan Schippers (Perot Systems) Dataming for e-customer relationship management
René de Koster (Erasmus Universiteit) The logistics after the click
Martin Hermsen (Deloitte Consulting) Yield management (revenue management) in the customer services industry
Ger Koole (Free University)  Quantitative issues for contact centers
Rudolf Müller (Maastricht University)  Mechanism design for electronic markets - algorithms and economics
Eric van Damme (Tilburg University) Spectrum auctions

The conference is organized by:

  Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde