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Differential Equations

The differential equations group at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University presently consists of the following people:

Prof.dr.ir. L.A. Peletier Professor
Prof.dr. S. Verduyn Lunel Professor
Prof.dr. R. van der Hout Professor
Dr. R.C.A.M. van der Vorst Scientific staff
Dr. O. van Gaans Post-doc
Dr. V. Rottschäfer Post-doc
Dr. D. Pik Post-doc
Drs. J.A. Rodriguez PhD student
Drs. B.A. van de Rotten PhD student
Drs. M. Frasson PhD student
Drs. T. van Noorden PhD student
Drs. B. Lemmens PhD student

The group participates in the TMR network Nonlinear Parabolic PDEs: Methods and Applications, and is supported by the NWO-PIONIER project 1999-2004 Analysis, Dynamical Systems and Applications.

Prof. dr. Joost Hulshof has left us on September 1 to hold a professorship at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.

Jan Bouwe van den Berg has defended his thesis on December 14, and has moved to a postdoc position in Nottingham.

A weekly seminar is organised under the name Leiden Analysis Colloquium.

During the academic year 2000/2001 Prof. S.B. Angenent and Dr. G. Mari-Beffa are visiting Leiden.

This spring and summer there is a number of interesting workshops at the Lorentz center in the field of dynamical systems (and other subjects). Take a look at the program.

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