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  The General Mathematics Colloquium meets on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 pm in room 174 of the Mathematical Institute Building. The lectures are meant for a general mathematical audience (both faculty and Ph-D. students, applied and pure mathematics). Before each lecture, from 3:45-4:00 there is coffee and tea on the corridor near to room 174. Traditionally, after each lecture we organize a dinner with the speaker.
Lecture room 174 is on the second floor (=1e verdieping). After entering the building, take the elevator on the left, get off at the second floor and take the corridor with windows on the right. Room 174 is opposite to the windows.
For further information contact the organizers

Jan-Hendrik Evertse,   room 228, tel. 071-5277128,   email 
Floske Spieksma,   room 248, tel. 071-5277148,   email 


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The general colloquium will resume in September.


[To top]   Other colloquia:

In addition to the General Mathematics Colloquium, there is a regular Seminarium Recreatieve Wiskunde (Dutch seminar on recreational mathematics), which is aiming at anybody interested in the recreational aspects of mathematics. The lectures of this seminar do not require a mathematical background.

The Instituut Lorentz (for theoretical physics) organizes the famous Colloquium Ehrenfestii, which is a natural sciences seminar meant for a general audience.

Other general mathematics colloquia are organized in
Amsterdam (UvA)   Delft   Groningen   Utrecht

For further information about mathematics lectures and colloquia in the Netherlands, see
Mededelingen van het Wiskundig Genootschap


[To top]   Instructions for speakers:

No. 174 is a large lecture room meant for about 60 people. The room is equipped with both a blackboard and an overhead projector.
Usually, the audience consists of 20-30 people, among whom faculty and Ph-D. students from various branches of mathematics as well as guests from abroad. Therefore, speakers are expected to present their lectures in English, and to make their lectures accessible to non-specialists.
Speakers are welcome to meet any of the organizers before the start of the lecture. The offices of the organizers are on the third floor (Jan-Hendrik Evertse, room 228, Floske Spieksma, room 248; after entering the building take the elevator on the left and get off at the third floor (push 2). Then take the corridor to the right. Offices 228 and 248 are both on the right-hand side of this corridor; no. 228 is about half way and no. 248 at the end. The library of the institute is also on the third floor (after exiting the elevator take the corridor to the left).


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