Zegel Universiteit Leiden - NWO Toren Academiegebouw
Russian-Dutch Research Cooperation

Representations of Lie groups, harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces and quantization

Institutional Partners
-Leiden University
-Tambov State University
-Russian Peaple Friendship University
-Moscow Institute of Electronics & Mathematics
-St. Petersburg State University
-International Sophus Lie Center
-Orenburg State Pedagogical Institute
Prof. dr. G. van Dijk
Prof. dr. V.F. Molchanov
Prof. dr. G.L.Litvinov
Prof. dr. Y.A.Neretin
Prof. dr. A.M.Vershik
Prof. dr. D.P.Zhelobenko
Dr. I.A.Andreeva
Dr. A.A.Artemov
Dr. N.A.Malashonok
Dr. M.Pevzner
Dr. A.S.Rakityansky
Dr. N.B.Volotova
Drs. L.I.Grosheva
Drs. A.V.Kuchin
Recent publications are also available on author's home-pages 
The Lorentz Center


Recent Publications

  1. N. Tsilevich, A. Vershik & M.Yor,  An infinite-dimensional analogue of the Lebesgue measure and distinguished properties of the gamma process. Report MI 2001-01. ps-file
  2. Yu. A. Neretin, Hua type integrals over unitary groups and over projective limits of unitary groups. Preprint 2000. ps-file
  3. Yu. A. Neretin, On Jordan angles and triangle inequality in Grasmannian. Preprint 2000. ps-file
  4. Yu. A. Neretin, Matrix balls, radial analysis of Berezin kernels, and hypergeometric determinants, Preprint 2000. ps-file
  5. Yu. A. Neretin, Geometry of GLn(C) on infinity: complete collineations, projective compactifications, and universal boundary, Preprint 2000. ps-file
  6. V.F. Molchanov & G. van Dijk,  Berezin Forms on Line Bundles over Complex Hyperbolic Spaces. Report MI 2001-02. ps-file
  7. G.B. Shpiz, A theorem on eigenvectors in idempotent spaces. Doklady Mathematics Vol. 62, No. 2, 2000, 169-171. Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, Vol. 374, No. 1, 2000, 26-28. ps-file
  8. Yu. A. Neretin, Index hypergeometric transform and imitation of analysis of Berezin kernels on hyperbolic spaces. Preprint 2001. ps-file
  9. P. Bieliavsky and M. Pevzner, Star representations and causal symmetric spaces. Preprint 2001. ps-file

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