Student Seminar E.S.G.T. 98,

The following provisional schedule has been made for the student seminar:

1st week Speaker Title
Tu 23 Sander Hille Decomposition of tensor products of scalar unitary holomorphic and anti-holomorphic representations of SU(1,n)
Larisa Grosheva Canonical representations on the Lobachevsky plane
We 24 Fabrice Vandebrouck The Poisson Furstenberg kernel of a bounded symmetric domain
Salem Ben Said Weighted Bergman space of a Cayley type symmetric space
Th 25 Ali Baklouti Harmonic analysis for certain monomial representation of an exponential solvable group
Khemais Maktouf Sur la formule du caractere pour un groupe de Lie resoluble presque algebrique sur un corps p-adique
Fr 26 Nils Byrial Andersen Invariant fundamental solutions for invariant differential operators on reductive symmetric space of type GC/GR
Bernhard Kroetz Classification of hyperfunction vectors of unitary highest weight representations

2nd week Speaker Title
Mo 29 Jasper Stokman Quantum orbit method for flag manifolds
Anna Liakhovskaia Peter-Weyl theorem for non-semisimple quantum groups
Tu 30 Drazen Adamovic Representations of affine Lie algebras having infinite-dimensional weight spaces
Julius-Bogdan Borcea On annihilating fields of standard modules for affine Lie algebras
We 1 Giovanna Carnovale Braided Fourier transform in the An case
Konstantin Styrkas Quantum groups, conformal field theories, and duality of tensor categories
Fr 26 Pascal Lavaud Localization formula in supergeometry
Jamshid Derakhshan Lie algebra methods in group theory and Burnside-type problems

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