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Fourier    Analysis on Lie Groups   Lie
Prof. dr. G. van Dijk, Full Professor
Room 204
Phone +31 71 527 7105
Fax     +31 71 527 7101

Curriculum Vitae
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The main research topics are harmonic analysis on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces, representation theory, theory of Berezin kernels.


Russian-Dutch Research Cooperation

Recent papers

  1. S.C. Hille, Canonical Representations. Thesis Leiden University, 1999.
  2. G. van Dijk & M.Pevzner.  Berezins Kernels and Maximal Degenerate Representations associated with Riemannian Symmetric Spaces of Hermitian Type. Report MI 2000-09
  3. G. van Dijk. On Canonical Representations and Berezin Kernels Report MI 2000-33
  4. G. van Dijk & M.Pevzner.  Matrix-valued Berezin Kernels Report MI 2000-37
  5. V.F. Molchanov & G. van Dijk.  Berezin Forms on Line Bundles over Complex Hyperbolic Spaces Report MI 2001-02


European School in Group Theory 2001
The 2001 Twente Conference on Lie Groups
Lorentz Center

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