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4.2. Stochastic Operations Research

Papers in journals and proceedings

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Ph.D. Theses

S. BHULAI, (2002) Markov Decision Processes: the control of high- dimensional systems, Free University Amsterdam.

N. LITVAK, (2002) Collecting $n$ items randomly located on a circle, Eindhoven University of Technology.

Reports and pre-prints

I.J.B.F. ADAN, V.G. KULKARNI, (2002) Single-server queue with Markov dependent inter-arrival and service times, SPOR Report 2002-18, Eindhoven University of Technology.

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J. VAN DER WAL, U. YECHIALI, (2002) Dynamic visit-order rules for batch-service polling.

Other publications

P. VAN BLOKLAND, L. BOOTH, K. HIREMATH, M. HOCHSTENBACH, G.M. KOOLE, S. POP, M. QUANT, D. WIROSOETISNO, (2002) The Euro Diffusion Project, Proceedings of the 42nd European Study Group with Industry, CWI syllabus 51, pages 41-57.

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G.M. KOOLE, (2002) The mathematics of call centers, ``Research highlight'' in Stieltjes Institute Biennial Report 2000 & 2001: 31-35, 2002.

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