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1.1. Number Theory

Papers in journals and proceedings

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Ph.D. Theses

S.H. CAVALLAR, (2002) On the Number Field Sieve Integer Factorisation Algorithm, Leiden University.

Reports and pre-prints

S. CAVALLAR, (2002) The three-large-primes variant of the number field sieve, CWI Report MAS-R0219.

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H.C. WILLIAMS, H.J.J. TE RIELE, (2002) New computations concerning the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics, CWI Report MAS-R0215.

Other publications

R. TIJDEMAN, (2002) Getaltheoretische aspecten van discrete tomografie, in: Vacantiecursus 2002: Wiskunde en Gezondheid, CWI Syllabus 50, pp. 115-128.
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