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Professor A.V. Mikhailov

Professor Mikhailov visited the Free Universiteit of Amsterdam as a Stieltjes guest from October 10 to November 10, 2002. This time was used to start research on the application of the symbolic method to non-evolutionary equations, in collaboration with Dr V.S. Novikov (Landau Institute, visiting the VU for half a year) and Dr Jing Ping Wang (VU), research that is still going on, and to run a seminar in which each of the participants discussed methods that might be of use to the others, but also new research results.

Professor Mikhailov gave a talk with the title "What is Integrability? (Solitons, Inverse Scattering, Symmetries...)", directed to a general mathematical audience.

The visit was very fruitful and papers describing the results are in preparation.

Jan A. Sanders