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Crossroads colloquium, topic PDEs from the life sciences
Amsterdam, CWI, April 16, 2002
J.G. Verwer, M.A. Peletier

Seminar Control and system theory
Amsterdam (CWI), bi-weekly
J.H. van Schuppen

Seminar on Canonical bases
Amsterdam, Spring 2002
T.H. Koornwinder, E.M. Opdam

Seminar on Tensor categories in mathematical physics
Amsterdam (UvA) and Utrecht, Spring 2002
N.P. Landsman, I. Moerdijk, M. Müger

Euro Summer School in Orthogonal polynomials and special functions
Leuven, Belgium, August 12-16, 2002
E. Koelink

Seminar on noncommutative geometry
Amsterdam, Fall 2002
N.P. Landsman, E.M. Opdam