Stieltjes Institute
Thomas Joannes Stieltjes (1856-1895)
Research Programs - Operations Research

4.2. Stochastic Operations Research

Programme leaders:  G.M. Koole, M.R.H. Mandjes

Description of the programme.

The research in this programme concerns the analysis, optimization and control of stochastic networks. Stochastic networks are networks of entities, with particles residing in and moving between these entities according to stochastic processes. Key examples are queueing networks and complex structures that are subject to wear, breakdown and repair.
Important research topics in the programme are the stability of queueing networks, the performance analysis and control (using Markov decision theory) of fluid queues and of queues with long-range dependent input, the structure of control policies for stochastic networks, and risk analysis for large `accident consequence' models.

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