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Instructions for authors

Say you wrote report MI 1966-66 and you want to make it available on the web.
First, you have to be on the math.leidenuniv.nl system using linux.

Step 1: First copy the following sample form and edit it to fit your report. Here is the web page we would make out of this sample form. On the form you list the formats that use to make your file available (ps for postscript, ps.gz for gzipped postscript, dvi, ...).
Step 2: Name the form "1966-66.form" and create files "1966-66.xxx" for each format "xxx" you listed on the form under FILES. Be sure they are readable to outsiders. Now copy these files to the collecting directory of the webmaster:

          cp 1966-66.* ~webmaster/collect
Step 3: Send a notification that there is a new page to be added to

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