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MI 2000-01 M. Bowen, J. Hulshof, J.R. King Anomalous exponents and dipole solutions for the thin film equation
MI 2000-02 K.J. in 't Hout Convergence of Runge-Kutta methods for delay differential equations
MI 2000-03 J. Roskam Prime divisors of linear recurrences and Artin's primitive root conjecture for number fields
MI 2000-04 P. Moree, P. Stevenhagen Prime divisors of the Lagarias sequence
MI 2000-05 J.H. Evertse Points on subvarieties of tori
MI 2000-06 E. Belitser, S. Ghosal Adaptive Bayesian Inference on the Mean of an Infinite Dimensional Normal Distribution
MI 2000-07 B. de Smit, B. Edixhoven Sur un résultat d'Imin Chen
MI 2000-08 B. de Smit The cyclic subfield integer index
MI 2000-09 G. van Dijk, M. Pevzner Berezin kernels and maximal degenerate representations associated with Riemannian symmetric spaces of Hermitian type
MI 2000-10 L.C.M. Kallenberg Finite state and action MDPs
MI 2000-11 H.C. Geiges, Ch.B. Thomas Finite group actions on the 7-sphere
MI 2000-12 H.C. Geiges Contact Topology in Dimension Greater than Three
MI 2000-13 U. Ebert, W. van Saarloos, L.A. Peletier Universal algebraic convergence in time of pulled fronts: the common mechanism for difference-differential and partial differential equations
MI 2000-14 S.M. Verduyn Lunel Parameter identifiability of differential delay equations
MI 2000-15 S.M. Verduyn Lunel The iteration of nonexpansive maps
MI 2000-16 D. Hilhorst, L.A. Peletier, F. Schätzle F-limit for the Extended fisher-Kolmogorov Equation
MI 2000-17 R.W. Ghrist, J.B. van den Berg, R.C.A.M. van der Vorst Closed characteristics of fourth-order twist systems via braids
MI 2000-18 J. Loubes, S.A. van de Geer Adaptive estimation in regression, using soft thresholding type penalties
MI 2000-19 K.J. in 't Hout Convergence of Runge-Kutta methods for delay differential equations
MI 2000-20 D.A. van der Laan Routing jobs to servers with deterministic service times
MI 2000-21 K.J. in 't Hout On the contractivity of implicit-explicit linear multistep methods
MI 2000-22 J. Roskam Artin's Primitive Root Conjecture for Quadratic Fields
MI 2000-23 H.C. Geiges Chern numbers of almost complex manifolds
MI 2000-24 F. Dingh, X. Zhan On the Unitary Orbit of Complex Matrices
MI 2000-25 J.B. van den Berg, R.C.A.M. van der Vorst Stable Patterns for Fourth Order Parabolic Equations
MI 2000-26 N. Borovykh Stability in the numerical solution of the heat equation with nonlocal boundary conditions
MI 2000-27 R. Tijdeman Some applications of diophantine approximation
MI 2000-28 D.J. Estep, S.M. Verduyn Lunel, R.D. Williams Analysis of Shear Layers in a Fluid with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity
MI 2000-29 R. Eymand, D. Hilhorst, R. van der Hout, L.A. Peletier A reaction diffusion system approximation of a one-phase Stefan problem
MI 2000-30 N. Borovykh, D. Drissi, M.N. Spijker A bound on powers of linear operators, with relevance to numerical stability
MI 2000-31 L.A. Peletier Pulses, kinks and fronts in the Gray-Scott model
MI 2000-32 L.A. Peletier, W.C. Troy Pattern formation described by the Swift-Hohenberg equation
MI 2000-33 G. van Dijk On Canonical Representations and Berezin Kernels
MI 2000-34 L. Hajdu, R. Tijdeman An Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
MI 2000-35 N. Saradha, T.N. Shorey, R. Tijdeman Some extensions and refinements of a theorem of Sylvester
MI 2000-36 M.N. Spijker Aspects of Stability in Numerical Initial Value Problems
MI 2000-37 G. van Dijk, M. Pevzner Matrix-valued Berezin Kernels
MI 2000-38 H.C. Geiges A Brief History of Contact Geometry and Topology
MI 2000-39 B. de Smit On arithmetically equivalent fields with distinct p-class numbers
MI 2000-40 A.A. Borovkov, A. Hordijk On Normed Ergodicity of markov Chains
MI 2000-41 S.D. Adhikari, N. Saradha, T.N. Shorey, R. Tijdeman Transcendental Infinite Sums
MI 2000-42 S. Angenent Curve shortening and the topology of closed geodesics on surfaces
MI 2000-43 M. Bertsch, R. Dal Passo, R. van der Hout Nonuniqueness for the Heat flow of harmonic Maps on the Disk
MI 2000-44 A. Hordijk, D.A. van der Laan Periodic routing to parallel queues with bounds on the average waiting time

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