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Reports of 1999

MI 1999-01 H.C. Geiges, C.B. Thomas Almost Linear Actions by Finite Groups on S2n-1
MI 1999-02 A. Heinis On Low-complexity Z-words and their factors
MI 1999-03 G. van Dijk, Y. Sharshov The Plancherel formula for line bindles on complex hyperbolic spaces
MI 1999-04 R. Tijdeman Exact covers of balanced sequences and Fraenkel's conjecture
MI 1999-05 P. Moree On primes in arithmetic progression having a prescribed primitive root
MI 1999-06 D. Hilhorst, L.A. Peletier, A.I. Rotariu-Bruma, G. Sivashinsky Global attractor and inertial sets for a nonlocal Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
MI 1999-07 J.H. Evertse Symmetric improvements of Liouville's inequality
MI 1999-08 P. Moree Approximation of Artin-type constants and automata
MI 1999-09 N. Borovykh, M.N. Spijker Stability estimates and resolvent conditions in the numerical solution of initial value problems
MI 1999-10 F. Bernis, J. Hulshof, J.R. King Dipoles and similarity solutions of the thin film equation in the half-line
MI 1999-11 W.D. Kalies, J. Kwapisz, G.J.B. van den Berg, R.C.A.M. van der Vorst Homotopy classes for stable periodic and chaotic patterns in fourth-order Hamiltonian systems
MI 1999-12 N. Borovykh, D. Drissi, M.N. Spijker A note about Ritt's condition and related resolvent conditions
MI 1999-13 S. Claudi, L.A. Peletier, A. Tesei A free boundary problem involving convection and singular absorption
MI 1999-14 N. Bruin Chabauty methods using elliptic curves
MI 1999-15 N. Bruin Chabauty methods using covers on curves of genus 2
MI 1999-16 G.J.B. van den Berg, J. Hulshof, R.C.A.M. van der Vorst Travelling waves for fourth-order semilinear parabolic equations
MI 1999-17 G.J.B. van den Berg, L.A. Peletier, W.C. Troy Global branches of multi-bump periodic solutions of the Swift-Hohenberg equation
MI 1999-18 H.C. Geiges, S. Muller Almost complex structures on 8-manifolds
MI 1999-19 B. Zubik-Kowal Stability in the numerical solution of linear parabolic equations with a delay term
MI 1999-20 R. van der Hout Flow alignment in nematic liquid crystals in flows with cylindrical symmetry
MI 1999-21 R. van der Hout Draw resonance in isothermal fiber spinning of Newtonian and power law fluids
MI 1999-22 H.C. Geiges, C.B. Thomas Contact structures, equivariant spin bordism, and periodic fundamental groups
MI 1999-23 A. Heinis, R. Tijdeman Characterisation of asymptotically Sturmian sequences
MI 1999-24 F. Bernis, J. Hulshof, F. Quiros The `linear' limit of thin film flows as an obstacle-free boundary problem
MI 1999-25 P. Moree Asymptotically exact heuristics for (near) primitive roots
MI 1999-26 B. de Smit Brauer-Kuroda relations for S-class numbers
MI 1999-27 W. Bosma, B. de Smit A computational approach to class number relations
MI 1999-28 J.R. King, M. Bowen Moving boundary problems and non-uniqueness for the thin film equation
MI 1999-29 M. Bowen, J.R. King Asymptotic behaviour of the thin film equation in bounded domains
MI 1999-30 P. Moree, P. Stevenhagen A two variable Artin conjecture
MI 1999-31 S.A. van de Geer M-estimation using penalties or sieves
MI 1999-32 C. Hummel Tubular neighbourhoods of 2-flats in 4-manifolds of non-positive curvature
MI 1999-33 N. Borovykh, M.N. Spijker The sharpness of stability estimates corresponding to a general resolvent condition
MI 1999-34 G. van Dijk, M. Pevzner Berezin kernels on tube domains
MI 1999-35 A. Hordijk Comparison of queues with different discrete-time arrival processes
MI 1999-36 L. Hajdu, R. Tijdeman Algebraic aspects of discrete tomography
MI 1999-37 K. Engelborghs, T. Luzyanina, K.J. in 't Hout, D. Roose Collocation methods for the computation of periodic solutions of delay differential equations
MI 1999-38 E. Belitser, S.A. van de Geer Robust recursive nonparametric curve estimation
MI 1999-39 A. Gajrat, A. Hordijk Optimal service control of multiclass fluid tandem networks
MI 1999-40 A. Hordijk, A.A. Yushkevich Blackwell optimality in the class of all policies in Markov decision chains with a Borel state space and unbounded rewards.
MI 1999-41 L.C.M. Kallenberg Combinatorial problems in MDP's
MI 1999-42 A. Hordijk, A.A. Yushkevich A survey of Blackwell optimality

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