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Reports of 1998

W98-01 G. van Dijk Canonical representations associated to hyperbolic spaces II
W98-02 C. Bandle, L.A. Peletier Best Sobolev constants and Emden equations for the critical exponent in S3
W98-03 J.K. Hale, L.A. Peletier, W.C. Troy Exact homoclinic and heteroclinic solutions of the Gray-Scott model for autocatalysis
W98-04 A. Pasquale Maximal degenerate representations of SL(n+1,H)
W98-05 G. van Dijk, A. Pasquale Canonical representations of SP(1,n) associated with representations of SP(1)
W98-06 B.W. van de Fliert The behaviour of the boundary in two Stefan problems with negative latent heat
W98-07 B.W. van de Fliert, R. van der Hout A nonlinear Stefan problem with negative latent heat, arising in a diffusion model
W98-08 F. Quiros, J.L. Vasquez Asymptotic behaviour of the porous media equation in an exterior domein
W98-09 J.W. Sander, R. Tijdeman The rectangle complexity of functions on two-dimensional lattices
W98-10 C.-M. Brauner, J. Hulshof, A. Lunardi, C. Schmidt-Laine Instabilities, bifurcation and saddle-points in some FBP's in combustion
W98-11 J.K. Hale, L.A. Peletier, W.C. Troy Stability and instability in the Gray-Scott Model: the case of equal diffusivities
W98-12 S.S. Hille Decomposition of tensor products of scalar holomorphic and antiholomorphic representations of the universal covering group of SU(1,n)
W98-13 J.W. Sander, R. Tijdeman The complexity of functions on lattices
W98-14 D. Hilhorst, R. van der Hout, L.A. Peletier Nonlinear diffusion in the presence of fast reaction
W98-15 J.W. Sander, R. Tijdeman Low complexity functions and convex sets in Zk
W98-16 O. Gil, F. Quiros Convergence of the porous media equation to Hele-Shaw
W98-17 E.M. Opdam Complex reflection groups and fake degrees
W98-18 R. Tijdeman On the minimal complexity of infinite words
W98-19 B. de Smit, H.W. Lenstra, Jr. Linearly equivalent actions of solvable groups
W98-20 J. Hulshof, J.R. King, M. Bowen Intermediate asymptotics of the porous medium equation with sign changes
W98-22 H.C. Geiges, C.B. Thomas Contact structures and periodic fundamental groups
W98-23 J.B. van den Berg The phase-plane picture for a class of fourth-order conservative differential equations
W98-24 R. Tijdeman Fraenkel's conjecture for six sequences
W98-25 J.H. Evertse On the norm form inequality |F(x)| less than or equal to m
W98-26 C.E. van de Woestijne On the diameter of tuples of weighted powers
W98-27 M. van der Vlugt A note on maximal curves in characteristic 2
W98-28 M. Lübke Flat connections and Higgs Operators in bundles on compact Hermitian manifolds
W98-29 C.M. Brauner, J. Hulshof, A. Lunardi A general approach to stability in free boundary problems
W98-30 E.M. Opdam Lectures on Dunkl operators
W98-31 H.C. Geiges, D. Rattaggi Periodic Automorphisms of surfaces: Invariant circles and Maximal orders.

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