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Reports of 1997

W97-01 J.H. Evertse, K.Györy The number of families of solutions of decomposable form equations
W97-02 J. Hulshof, A. Shiskov The finite speed of propagation property for the thin film equation in terms of the L'-norm
W97-03 G. van Dijk Canonical representations (Notes of lectures given at Tambov State University in 1996)
W97-04 G. van Dijk, V.F. Molchanov Tensor products of maximal degenerate series representations of the group SL(n,R)
W97-05 G. van Dijk, V.F. Molchanov The Berezin kernel for the space SL(n,R)/GL(n-1,R)
W97-06 E.M. Opdam Cuspidal hypergeometric functions
W97-07 G. van Dijk Berezin kernels on tube domains (Notes of lectures given at University of Amsterdam in 1996)
W97-08 Y.A. Sharshov Spherical distributions on U(p,q) with respect to the subgroup V(1) x V(p-1, q)
W97-09 V.F. Molchanov, Y.A. Sharshov Representation of the universal covering group of the group SU(1,g) associated with a cone
W97-10 E. Amerik Maps onto certain Fano threefolds
W97-11 B. Franchi, L.A. Peletier Ground states for Gaussian curvature type equations
W97-12 C.M. Brauner, J. Hulshof, C. Schmidt-Lainé The saddle point property for focusing self similar solutions of a combustion type free boundary problem
W97-13 V.J. Mizel, L.A. Peletier, W.C. Troy Periodic phases in second order materials
W97-14 E. Knoops, M. van der Vlugt On generalized Hamming weights of BCH(2)~
W97-15 A. Heinis, R. Tijdeman Extended balanced and stiff words
W97-16 L.A. Peletier, A.I. Rotariu-Bruma, W.C. Troy Pulse-like spatial patterns described by higher order model equations
W97-17 G. van Dijk, A. Pasquale Harmonic analysis on vector bundles over Sp(1,n)/Sp(1) x Sp(n)
W97-18 V.A. Galaktionov, L.A. Peletier, J.L. Vazquez Asymptotics of the fast-diffusion equation with critical exponent
W97-19 L.A. Peletier, A.I. Rotariu-Bruma Pulse-like spatial patterns described by higher order model equations
W97-20 E.N. Dancer, D. Hilhorst, M. Mimura, L.A. Peletier Spatial segregation limit of a competition-diffusion system
W97-21 N. Bruin The diophantine equations x2+-y4=+-z6 and x2+y8=z3.
W97-22 G. van der Geer, M. van der Vlugt Generalized Reed-Muller codes and curves with many points
W97-23 J. Hulshof, J.R. King Asymptotic analysis of some elliptic-parabolic moving boundary problems
W97-24 J.B. van den Berg Uniqueness of solutions for the Extended Fisher-Kolmogorov equation
W97-25 G.J.B. van den Berg, R.C.A.M. van der Vorst A domain-wall between single-mode and bimodal states
W97-26 S. Angenent, R.C.A.M. van der Vorst A superquadratic indefinite elliptic system and its Morse-Conley-Floer homology
W97-27 S. Angenent, R.C.A.M. van der Vorst A priori bounds and renormalized Morse indices of solutions of an elliptic system
W97-28 T.N. Shorey, R. Tijdeman Irrationality criteria for numbers of Mahler's type
W97-29 G. van der Geer, M. van der Vlugt Constructing curves over finite fields with many points by solving linear equations

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