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Reports of 1996

W96-01 D. Hilhorst, R. v.d. Hout, L.A. Peletier Diffusion in the presence of fast reaction: the case of a general monotone reaction term
W96-02 R. Tijdeman On disjoint pairs of Sturmian bisequences
W96-03 Y.A. Sharshov Representations of the group SU(p,q) associated with a cone
W96-04 G. van Dijk, S. Hille Maximal degenerate representation, Berzin kernels and canonical representations
W96-05 M. van der Vlugt Surfaces and the weight distribution of a family of codes
W96-06 R. Tijdeman Intertwined periodic sequences, Sturmian sequences and Beatty sequences
W96-07 L.A. Peletier, S.I. Pohozaev The Cauchy problem for the Extended Fisher-Kolmogorov (EFK) equation
W96-08 S.P. Hastings, L.A. Peletier On self-similar solutions of the thin film equation when n = 3
W96-09 J. Nagel Complete intersections of four quadrics
W96-10 V. Galaktionov, J. Hulshof, J.L. Vazquez Extinction and focusing behaviour of spherical and annular flames described by a free boundary problem
W96-11 B. de Weger A + B = C and big sha's
W96-12 M.A. Bennett, B. de Weger On the diophantine equation ax^n - by^n =1
W96-13 R. Tijdeman Irrationality criteria for numbers of Mahler's type
W96-14 J. Hulshof, J.R. King Analysis of a Darcy flow model with a pressure saturation relation
W96-15 L.A. Peletier, W.C. Troy Multi bump periodic travelling waves in suspension bridges
W96-16 B.B. Gordon, J.P. Murre Chow motives of elliptic modular surfaces and threefolds
W96-17 J.H. Evertse The number of algebraic numbers of a given degree approximating a given algebraic number
W96-18 C. Schuhmann Morphisms between Fano threefolds
W96-19 E. Amerik On a problem of Noether-Lefschetz type
W96-20 J.H. Evertse Lower bounds for resultants II
W96-21 H. Boender The number of relations in the Quadratic Sieve Algorithm
W96-22 M.E. Akveld, J. Hulshof Travelling wave solutions of a fourth order semi-diffusion equation

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