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Stieltjes Visiting Professor

Starting from 1999 each year an outstanding mathematician joins the Stieltjes Institute for two months as a Visiting Professor. One or more of the locations of the Stieltjes Institute host this visiting professor.

This special chair has been occupied for the first time by Jon A. Wellner, professor of Statistics at the University of Washington in Seattle, U.S.A. His host was Aad W. van der Vaart of the Free University Amsterdam.

Professor Wellner is an expert in Mathematical Statistics. He contributed to a wide range of research topics in statistics, including semiparametric modelling and empirical processes, on which he wrote several research, widely cited monographs.

He has visited the Stieltjes Institute during three periods: March, August/September and November/December. On 19 November 1999 he has given a lecture on his research area, addressed to a general mathematical public.