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Poisson Processes
R.W.G. Meester
Amsterdam, Fall 1999

Stochastic Calculus with Applications to Mathematical Finance$^*$
P.J.C. Spreij, F.C. Drost
Utrecht, Fall 1999

Empirical Processes and Statistics of Extreme Values$^*$
J. Einmahl, L. de Haan
Utrecht, Fall 1999

Quantum Stochastics$^*$
R. Gill
Utrecht, Spring 2000

Applied Stochastics$^*$
R. Rensen, R. Geskus, A. Dekkers
Utrecht, Spring 2000

Mathematical Models of Financial Markets
G.J. Olsder, A.W. Heemink, J.A.M. van der Weide
Delft, Spring 2000

Incomplete Data Analysis, Algorithms and Theory
P. Groeneboom
Delft, Fall 1999

Mathematical Statistics
S.A. van de Geer
Leiden, Fall 1999

Applied Statistics
E. Belitser
Leiden, Spring 2000