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2.2. Lie Groups and Classical Analysis

Lie Groups day
Leiden, Fall 1998
G. van Dijk

Lie day
Utrecht, Spring 1999
E. van den Ban, T.H. Koornwinder

European School in Group Theory
Leiden, June 22-July 3, 1998,
G. van Dijk, T.H. Koornwinder, E.M. Opdam

Workshop on quantization, operator algebras and knot theory
Enschede, October 8-10, 1998
T. Koornwinder, N.P. Landsman

Twente Lie Group Conference
Enschede, December 20-December 22, 1999
G. van Dijk, T.H. Koornwinder, E.M. Opdam

Mini-Symposium Methods and Applications of Asymptotic Analysis,
at: The Fourth International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 99)
Edinburgh, Scotland, July 5-9, 1999
N.M. Temme

Research in Pairs Conference on the Deformation Quantization of Singular Spaces
Oberwolfach, August 2-7, 1999
N.P. Landsman