Stieltjes Institute
Thomas Joannes Stieltjes (1856-1895)
PhD Regulations

1. Admission
A PhD student is presented to the secretary of the Stieltjes Institute bythe professor or member of the board concerned. This application form needs tobe filled out and sent along.

2. Financial contribution thesis
The Stieltjes Institute contributes 250 Euros to the cost of each thesiswritten by one of its PhD students. In order to obtain this amount, the studentmust

  • include the Stieltjes Institute logo in one of thefirst pages of his thesis,
  • send 5 copies of the thesis to the Institute (address below),
  • inform the Institute of his new position following his graduation.
The request for the contribution may be sent to the Stieltjes Institute .

3. Stieltjes Prize
Every year this prize is given to the Stieltjes student with the best PhDthesis of that year. The theses are primarily judged on their academic merits.The prize consists of a charter and an amount of 1200 Euros. Every PhD studentwho has obtained the above-mentioned contribution of 250 Euros is automaticallya candidate for the Stieltjes Prize.

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