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Ph.D. Theses

  O.S. Kozlowski Structural Stability in One-dimensional Dynamics  
    Thesis advisor: S.J. van Strien  
  January 19, 1998 University of Amsterdam  
  E.J. Spee Numerical Methods in Global Transport-Chemistry Models  
    Thesis advisor: P.J. van der Houwen  
  January 23, 1998 University of Amsterdam  
  R.J. Schotting Mathematical Aspects of Salt Transport in Porous Media  
    Thesis advisor: C.J. van Duijn  
  February 9, 1998 Delft University of Technology  
  C.D.D. Neumann Algebras and automorphic forms in string theory  
    Thesis advisor: R. Dijkgraaf  
  March 10, 1998 University of Amsterdam  
  W.J.H. Stortelder Parameter Estimation in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems  
    Thesis advisors: P.W. Hemker, C.A.J. Klaassen  
  March 12, 1998 University of Amsterdam  

  M.F. Uiterdijk Functional Calculi for Closed Linear Operators  
    Thesis advisor: Ph.P.J.E. Clément  
  March 16, 1998 Delft University of Technology  
  A.J. Lenstra Analyses of the nonparametric mixed proportional hazards model  
    Thesis advisors: C.A.J. Klaassen, G. Ridder, A.C.M. van Rooij  
  March 26, 1998 University of Amsterdam,  
  J.V. Stokman Multivariable orthogonal polynomials and quantum Grassmannians  
    Thesis advisor: T.H. Koornwinder  
  June 11, 1998 University of Amsterdam  
  L. Peng Second Order Condition and Extreme Value Theory  
    Thesis advisor: L.F.M. de Haan  
  June 25, 1998 Erasmus University Rotterdam  
  P.C. Allaart Ranges of Vector Measures and Optimal-partitioning Inequalities  
    Thesis advisors: P.J. Holewijn, T.P. Hill  
  July 1, 1998 Free University of Amsterdam  
  J.P. Wang Symmetries and Conservation Laws of Evolution Equations  
    Thesis advisor: G.Y. Nieuwland  
  September 2, 1998 Free University Amsterdam  
  H. S. Brandsma Monolithic hyperspaces  
    Thesis advisor: J. van Mill  
  September 21, 1998 Free University Amsterdam  

  R.A. Pendavingh Spectral and Geometrical Graph Characterizations  
    Thesis advisor: A. Schrijver  
  October 5, 1998 University of Amsterdam  
  A.F. Huele Statistical robust design  
    Thesis advisor: R.J.M.M. Does  
  November 5, 1998 University of Amsterdam  
  J.C.M. Keijsper New Techniques in Network Optimazation  
    Thesis advisor: A. Schrijver  
  November 23, 1998 University of Amsterdam  
  S.A.E. Sassen Multi-server feedback queues for optimistic concurrency control  
    Thesis advisors: J.Wessels, O.J. Boxma  
  November 25, 1998 Eindhoven University of Technology  
  D.R. Pik Block Lower Triangular Operators and Optimal Contractive Systems  
    Thesis advisor: M.A. Kaashoek  
  June 2, 1999 Free University Amsterdam  
  S.C.Hille Canonical representations  
    Thesis advisor: G. van Dijk  
  June 10 1999 Leiden University  
  G. Carnovale Algebraic and analytic aspects of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation  
    Thesis advisors: E. J. N. Looijenga, T. H. Koornwinder  
  June 14, 1999 University of Utrecht  

  M. Boguouslavsky Lattices, Codes and Radon Transforms  
    Thesis advisor: G. van der Geer  
  June 23, 1999 University of Amsterdam  
  R.W.M. Jeurissen An Application for Generating Experimental Design and Analysing Experimental Data  
    Thesis advisors: P. van der Laan, B.G.M. Vandeginste  
  July 6,1999 Eindhoven University of Technology  
  M. A. van Hartskamp Colorings of Fixed-Point Free Maps  
    Thesis advisor: J. van Mill  
  September 14, 1999 Free University Amsterdam  
  P.P. de Wolf Estimating the extreme value index - tales of tails  
    Thesis advisor: P. Groeneboom  
  October 5, 1999 Delft University of Technology  
  N.R. Bruin Chabauty Methods and Covering Techniques applied to Generalised Fermat Equations  
    Thesis advisor: R. Tijdeman  
  October 6, 1999 Leiden University  

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