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Various, International and National

USNRC-EU project on Uncertainty analysis
1994 - 1999
Cooperation with various institutes in the U.S.A. and the EU, in particular the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Coordinator Stieltjes: R.M. Cooke

Applied Mathematics and Computational Methods
1995 - 1999
Cooperation project between the Netherlands and Indonesia
Coordinator Stieltjes: R. Helmers

Optimization of the reloading patters of a nuclear reactor
March 1995 - March 1999
A project of the Optimization Group in Delft, in cooperation with the Interfacultair Reactor Instituut
Coordinator Stieltjes: C. Roos

Uncertainty analysis for flood probabilities (Ministry of Transport and Water Management)
1998 - 1999
Project leader: R.M. Cooke

Telematics Institute, Quality of service in future networks (QFN)
1999 - 2003
Cooperation with CTIT, KPN Research, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, INRIA
Coordinator Stieltjes: S.C. Borst