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1.2. Geometry

Programme leaders: R.H. Dijkgraaf, G.B.M. van der Geer

Central research themes are:
Real Algebraic Geometry
The study of algebraic varieties with the real numbers as base field. Special interest is given to mappings between real algebraic varieties, cycle classes and homology classes in real algebraic geometry, approximations of smooth mappings between non-singular real algebraic varieties by algebraic morphisms. Semi-algebraic sets, complexification of real algebraic varieties.

Algebraic Geometry of Curves and Abelian Varieties
The study of moduli spaces of abelian varieties and curves both in characteristic zero and characteristic p. Also the moduli spaces of vector bundles and K3 surfaces are studied. Curves and varieties over finite fields are studied in relation with coding theory

Mathematical Physics
The study of mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and string theory. Special emphasis on the relations with algebraic geometry, such as quantum cohomology, mirror symmetry, moduli space of Riemann surfaces. Topological field theory and manifold invariants. Nonperturbative string theory, string duality and extended objects such as D-branes..

Quantization theory, using techniques from Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids and from $C^*$-algebras. Superselection sectors and symmetry in low-dimensional quantum field theory, using von Neumann algebras and braided monoidal categories. Theory of quantum groupoids. Quantization of anomalous gauge theories, particularly involving actions of loop groups.

Reduction from non-equivariant symplectic actions of loop groups. q-Hamiltonian reduction formalism. Geometric quantization of moduli spaces of flat connections on Riemann surfaces with boundary.

Symplectic Geometry
The central themes of this programme are symplectic and contact geometry, spaces of non-positice curvature, differential geometry in complex vector bundles, and the arithmetic and geometric study of algebraic varieties. One of our aims is to strengthen the interaction with the theoretical physics group around prof. P. van Baal, principally in the areas of symplectic geometry and gauge theory.

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