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Stieltjes Afternoons

The lectures on a Stieltjes Afternoon are intended for a broad audience

11 March 1998
location: University of Leiden.
On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Stieltjes Institute.
prof.dr. M.S. Keane (TUD, UvA, CWI): The law of big numbers.
prof.dr. H.W. Lenstra (UL): The equation of Pell.

31 May 1999
location: University of Amsterdam.
dr. B. de Smit (UL): Factoring integers.
prof.dr. A. Doelman (UvA): Chaotic tides and nonlinear oscillators.
dr. M.N.M. van Lieshout (CWI): Maximum likelihood estimation for Boolean models.

19 November 1999
location: Free University Amsterdam.
dr. J.A. van Hamel (winner Stieltjes Prize 1997): In the eye of the hurricane: Galois theory and geometry.
dr. J.V. Stokman (winner Stieltjes Prize 1997): Orthogonal polynomials associated with Hecke algebras: an example.
prof.dr. J.A. Wellner (Stieltjes Visiting Professor 1999): Semiparametric Models: a partial history via the Cox model.