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1.4. Theoretical Foundations of Computer Sciences

Latin American Theoretican INformatics (LATIN'95)
Valparaiso/Vina del Mar, Chile; 3-7 April 1995
G. Rozenberg

CALIBAN Workshop: Structures in Concurrency Theory (STRICT)
Berlin, Germany; 11 - 13 May 1995
H.C.M Kleijn

Workshop Kiel-Leiden on Formal Language Theory
Leiden; 16 May 1995
G. Rozenberg, H.J. Hoogeboom

16th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets
Turin, Italy; 26-30 June 1995
G. Rozenberg

International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS'95)
Prague, Czech Republic; 28 August - 1 September 1995,
G. Rozenberg

Second International Course on Petri Nets for Latin America
Campina Grande, Brazil; 20-28 November 1995
G. Rozenberg

17th International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets
Osaka, Japan; 24-29 June 1996
H.C.M Kleijn, G. Rozenberg

Annual symposium Logic in Computer Science
San Diego, CA, U.S.A.; 26-29 July 1996
Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S.A.; 27-30 July 1996
G. Rozenberg

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Krakow, Poland; 2-6 September 1996
G. Rozenberg

Graph transformations in computer science, Seminar 9637
Dagstuhl, Germany; 9-13 September 1996
G. Rozenberg

Advanced Course on Petri Nets
Dagstuhl, Germany; 7-18 October 1996
G. Rozenberg

Concurrency Afternoon
Leiden; 28 October 1996
H.C.M Kleijn, G. Rozenberg

DNA Computing Afternoon
Leiden; 14 November 1996
G. Rozenberg

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