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Ph.D. Theses

M.A. Monterie                Studies in potential theory

                         Thesis advisor: J. Korevaar

March 13, 1995           Free University Amsterdam

J.A. Loeve           Markov decision chains with partial information

                         Thesis advisor: A.Hordijk

March 22, 1995           Leiden University

P. ten Pas           Trees and texts

                         Thesis advisor: G. Rozenberg

May 17, 1995             Leiden University

A.G. Chessa          Conditional Simulation of Spatial Stochastic

                         Models for Reservoir Heterogeneity

                         Thesis advisor: M.S. Keane

June 6, 1995             Delft University of Technology

R. de Vilder                 Endogeneous Business Cycles

                         Thesis advisors: S.J. van Strien

June 14, 1995            University of Amsterdam

C. Schweigert                Galois and Simple Current Symmetries in

                         Conformal Field Theory

                         Thesis advisor: R.H. Dijkgraaf

June 15, 1995            University of Amsterdam


G. Jongbloed                 Three Statistical Inverse Problems,


                         Thesis advisor: P. Groeneboom

October 9, 1995          Delft University of Technology

J. Kos                       Time-dependent problems in linear operator theory

                         Thesis advisor: M.A. Kaashoek

October 19, 1995         Free University Amsterdam

R.H.P. Janssen       Construction of Orthogonal Polynomials
                         Associated with Time Series and Random Fields

                         Thesis advisor: C.L. Scheffer

November 7, 1995         Delft University of Technology

C.B. Roes            Shewhart-type Charts in Statistical Process Control

                         Thesis advisor: R.J.M.M. Does
November 27, 1995        University of Amsterdam

P.G.A. Floris            On quantum groups, hypergroups and q-special


                         Thesis advisors: G. van Dijk, T.H. Koornwinder

December 7, 1995         Leiden University

J. Coelho de Pina Jr     Applications of Shortest Path Methods

                         Thesis advisor: A. Schrijver

December 19, 1995        University of Amsterdam

B. Jansen            Interior Point Techniques in Optimization:

                         Complementarity, Sensitivity and Algorithms

                         Thesis advisors: F.A. Lootsma, C.G.E. Boender

January 8, 1996          Delft University of Technology

M.D. Harris              Coin Tossing, Random Mirrors and Dependent

                         Percolation: Three Paradigms of Phase Transition

                         Thesis advisor: M.S. Keane

April 28 1996            Delft University of Technology

E.R. van den Heuvel  Bounds for Statistical Estimation in Semi-

                         parametric Models

                         Thesis advisor: C.A.J. Klaassen

May 21, 1996             University of Amsterdam

J.M. van Noortwijk   Optimal Maintenance Decisions for Hydraulic

                         Structures under Isotropic Deterioration

                         Thesis advisor: R.M. Cooke

May 28, 1996             Delft University of Technology

M. van Loon          Numerical Methods in Smog prediction

                         Thesis advisor: P.J. van der Houwen

June 17, 1996            University of Amsterdam

M.H. Wegkamp                 Entropy Methods in Statistical Estimation

                         Thesis advisor: W.R. van Zwet

June 26, 1996            Leiden University

M.J.A. van Eenige    Queueing Systems with Periodic Service

                         Thesis advisors: J. Wessels, F.W. Steutel

September 17, 1996       Eindhoven University of Technology

H. van der Holst     Topological and Spectral Graph Characterizations

                         Thesis advisor: A. Schrijver

September 24, 1996       University of Amsterdam

C.G.H. Diks                  On Nonlinear Time Series Analysis -

                         Spatio-temporal Complexity and Noise

                         Thesis advisors: W.R. van Zwet, F. Takens

September 25, 1996       Leiden University

N.W. Keesmaat                Vector Controlled Concurrent Systems

                         Thesis advisor: G. Rozenberg

October 30, 1996         Leiden University

O. Passchier                 The theory of Markov games and queueing control

                         Thesis advisor: A. Hordijk

November 13, 1996        Leiden University

T.N.M. Temme                 Dissipative operators in indefinite scalar product


                         Thesis advisor: M.A. Kaashoek

December 5, 1996         Free University Amsterdam


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