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Topics in random sets theory tex2html_wrap_inline4458
I. Molchanov
Utrecht, Fall 1995

Non-parametric density estimation tex2html_wrap_inline4458
A.J. van Es
Utrecht, Fall 1995

Applications of empirical process theory tex2html_wrap_inline4458
S.A. van de Geer
Utrecht, Spring 1996

Brownian motion and stochastic calculus tex2html_wrap_inline4458
P.J.C. Spreij
Utrecht, Spring 1996

Colloquium Stochastics and Ergoden theory
G. Hooghiemstra, R. Lopuhaä
Delft, 1995/1996

tex2html_wrap_inline4458 are courses offered at a national scale by the Landelijk AIO-netwerk Stochastiek.

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