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Multigrid methods and defect correction
P.W. Hemker
Amsterdam, Fall 1995

Hilbert space methods for elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations
L.A. Peletier
Leiden, Fall 1995

The state space method for rational matrix functions and its applications
I. Gohberg, M.A. Kaashoek
Amsterdam, Fall 1995

Advanced functional analysis
E. Hendriksen
Amsterdam, Fall 1995

Conference Numerical Analysis
- domain composition for iterative methods
- long term approximations for dynamical systems
Woudschoten, September 1995

Conference Lie Groups, their representations and special functions
Enschede, December 1995

Seminar Quantum groups and special functions
T.H. Koornwinder
Amsterdam, Spring 1996

Seminar Harmonic analysis on convex cones
G. van Dijk
Leiden, 1995/1996

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