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3.2. Statistics

Programme leaders: W.R. van Zwet, C.A.J. Klaassen

Semi- and nonparametric models, computationally-intensive methods in statistics, stochastic models in the sciences and industrial statistics are the central themes. These include such divers topics as estimation of functions, extreme value theory, bounds in estimation, image analysis, resampling techniques and statistical quality control.

In this research area, developments are very fast stimulated by the new opportunities for applications of statistics due to the increased and still increasing computing power. No doubt these topics will have a dominant position in international statistical research for the years to come. In each of these fields the Stieltjes Institute has research groups with experts of high international reputation. Close cooperation within the Stieltjes Institute stimulates further the quality and efficiency of the research by use of the complementary expertises. International contacts of the various groups are excellent, but have to be consolidated and extended within the framework of the Institute.

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