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2.3. Non-linear Partial Differential Equations

Programme leader: L.A. Peletier, Ph.P.J.E. Clément

This programme embraces the study of nonlinear variational problems and evolution equations. The emphasis lies on problems arising in the sciences and in engineering. Traditionally, the group has been very active in the study of nonlinear difffusion problems, especially those involving interfaces or other singularities, and often related to specific applications. However, recently research has branched out into the study of higher order model equations such as the Swift-Hohenberg equation, arising in mathematical physics and nonlinear solid mechanics.

Research takes place in a variety of individual and institutional collaborations. We mention here the Centre for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Amsterdam-Delft-Leiden, the NWO initiative on Nonlinear Systems, the HCM Network with groups from Bonn, Florence, Madrid, Paris and Oxford, the ongoing collaborations with the universities of Bordeaux, Lyon, Madrid, Nottingham, Pittsburgh and Trieste and the HCM Network Reaction Diffusion Equations with  Madrid, Edinburgh, Toulouse, Trieste, Athens.

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