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The following pages contain the second biennial report of the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics. It provides a complete overview of our activities during 1995-1996. As in the first report, we have included a few brief accounts of some of the work carried out by the researchers of the Stieltjes Institute.
In 1995 the Technical University of Eindhoven joined the participants of the Stieltjes Institute. It is represented by a research group in probability, statistics and operations research.
During the past two years we have continued to build on the foundations laid out during the first two years of our existence. In particular we have
- made sure that all research of the Stieltjes Institute continues to meet international quality standards;
- increased the collaboration of research groups at different locations;
- improved the quality of this collaboration by organizing interuniversity workshops and summerschools;
- improved our programme for graduate study.
Important new initiatives include establishing
- the annual Stieltjes award for the best PhD thesis;
- the Stieltjes visiting professorship.
In the next few years we intend to improve the focus of our research programme even further. As part of this effort, we plan to increase collaboration with other research school in mathematics, to wit MRI and EIDMA.
Discussions about such a collaboration have already begun. In 1999 the Stieltjes Institute will again apply for formal recognition by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences as a research school. We look forward to this procedure with confidence.

W.R. van Zwet
Scientific Director

Fri Mar 20 16:01:06 MET 1998